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Welcome to BOBICONS – the Band of Brothers icon community! Do you love Band of Brothers and do you make icons? Are you looking for more BoB-themed icons to add to your collection? Are you just on the lookout for what sort of wonderful things this fandom might come up with at any given moment? If you answered "yes" to any of the preceding, then you have come to the right place, soldier. This community is dedicated to archiving icons and graphics inspired by the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. So dust off those jump wings, and bring your icons.

1.This is a friendly community - no flames, no spamming, and no catfights. Behave, boys and girls. Feel the love!

2. As always, we may objectify the movie-verse Easy Company – but please treat the real men from Easy Company with the respect they deserve.

3. That said, this community does allow slash and subjects such as violence and death - if you have a problem with this, please look elsewhere. This community is open-minded and allows freedom to express oneself. Our golden rules are #1 and #2...as long as you remember those, everything should be fine.

4. Treat the icon makers with respect. If they ask for comment and credit, please accommodate them.

5. When Posting Icons: Always use an LJ-cut if posting more than 3 icons. Please give the audience a preview of your work, but the maximum is 3 teaser icons. Try your best to include the following in the header above the LJ-cut: Number of Icons, Resources Used (if applicable - please try to credit your sources as well as possible), Warnings or Notes (if you want to break down how many icons of a certain subject you're displaying, or for esoteric, disturbing, or unusual subject matter).

6. Hotlinking is a big no-no. Upload the pictures to your own site or on a free site like supload.com, flickr.com, or your LJ Photo Gallery.

7. Advertising BoB related communities is allowed - other advertising will be deleted.

8. And finally, if you violate any rules, you can kiss your Jump Wings goodbye.


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